Trial of bamboo growing model to protect ecology in Belgium

(Source: VNA, and In June 2021, 7 hectares of land, equivalent to 20% of the family's land area, was set aside by Matthieu Degallaix to build his future bamboo forest. With this decision, this man who used to be a fireplace repairman in Belgium has surprised many people because this is still a new plant in many European countries.

Prospects from giant bamboo varieties

( For the first time, the giant bamboo variety originating from Thailand has been planted in the province. The model is expected to open up new opportunities for people in economic development; greening bare land, barren hills, preventing landslides and soil erosion in the face of unpredictable climate changes.

Bamboo plywood

Bamboo plywood is a board produced by joining bamboo or bamboo fibers into panels. Under great pressure of the bamboo bamboo (or bamboo fiber) compressor will create links with each other to form a unified block. Bamboo slats (or bamboo fibers) when linked also change properties, giving a higher hardness than before. Bamboo pressed sheets...

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