Information about Guadua Angustifolia Bamboo (EB3)

Guadua Angustifolia Bamboo (EB3) – The perfect choice for large projects


The EB3 bamboo variety is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America.

EB3 grows in humid tropical climates but can still tolerate cold climates.

EB3’s incredible evolution:

EB3 has a very straight and very strong body, a thick shell, an average diameter of 8-18cm. EB3 can grow about 21cm per day. Bamboo EB3 can be harvested after 4-5 years.

Outstanding features of EB3:

Bamboo EB3 is considered the strongest bamboo species in the world with a higher tensile strength than steel. Bamboo EB3 has outstanding load-carrying capacity, so it is always the number 1 priority in green and sustainable construction in the world.

Bamboo EB3 has a great impact on the environment. It helps to protect the soil, control erosion, regulate the flow of streams and rivers, provide organic materials, and act as a CO2 sink.

The attraction of EB3 bamboo constructions:

The use of 100% eco-friendly building materials and adaptation to the natural surroundings have made these bamboo construction projects a unique attraction that attracts many people to visit, discover. The building is made of EB3 bamboo, giving visitors the feeling of walking through a bamboo forest, and contributes to changing people’s perception and vision about the value and versatility of bamboo in construction.


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