Prospects from giant bamboo varieties

( For the first time, the giant bamboo variety originating from Thailand has been planted in the province. The model is expected to open up new opportunities for people in economic development; greening bare land, barren hills, preventing landslides and soil erosion in the face of unpredictable climate changes.

Giant bamboo varieties – Take root in difficult land

In the summer, the Xuong Rong hilly area, in Pho Phong commune (Duc Pho town) is like a pan of fire. The trees were exhausted in the harsh sunlight when it was standing in the shade. However, from afar, giant bamboo groves still grow in the middle of an arid rocky area.

Leading us to visit the giant bamboo fields, Deputy Director of the Development Department of the material area, Ecobambu Eco-Bamboo Joint Stock Company Pham Van Hai said that the giant bamboo planting model was first deployed in Pho Phong commune, with an area The area is about 12 hectares by the end of 2021. The main varieties of bamboo grown are Gigan, Hitung, Guadua… imported from Thailand.

From seedlings less than 0.5m high, after about 7 months, many bamboo trees grow into big bushes, more than 3m high, grow many branches and start to produce bamboo shoots. According to observations, the giant bamboo variety has large, internodes and long stems, few thorns. Bamboo and bamboo shoots grow straight, separate from each other, more convenient for people to care for and exploit.

“These are all purebred bamboo varieties, selected from hundreds of bamboo varieties imported in Thailand and carefully cared for when brought back to the nursery. After a period of implementation in Pho Phong commune, we found that giant bamboo is completely suitable for the weather and soil conditions here. Bamboo varieties are very promising, can bring high economic efficiency to people,” Mr. Hai said.

According to calculations, if acacia trees are planted, people have to wait for 5 years to harvest. After each harvest, it must be replanted. On average 10ha in 20 years, acacia trees can only harvest 4 crops, the profit is less than 2 billion dong. It is favorable for acacia growing areas, but for mountainous areas, the efficiency is lower due to the high labor costs in the process of tending, harvesting and transporting.

As for giant bamboo, people can harvest bamboo shoots after 3 years and in the 5th year, they can start harvesting raw wood. Bamboo harvested 15 crops in 20 years, earning about 20 billion VND/10ha. Giant bamboo branches and shoots a lot after harvest, people only need to take care of it in the early stages. Stable output due to the unit’s commitment to purchase.

Pho Phong is a mountainous commune of the town. Duc Pho, arid soil conditions. Due to lack of water, people mainly grow acacia and annual crops such as noodles and sugarcane. Investment and care are hard, but the economic efficiency from these plants is not as expected. Giant bamboo is a new model, which is expected to contribute to the transformation of local crop structure, increase income for people on the same area of ​​land, and contribute to improving the local soil environment.

(Chairman of People’s Committee of Pho Phong Commune, Phan TIEN DINH)

Bamboo dream…

According to Mr. Hai, in recent years, bamboo materials are considered “green steel” and the first choice to replace wood products that are gradually being exhausted. Bamboo products are more and more popular with high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and water resistance; safe and environmentally friendly.

In the world, Thailand, Indonesia or China are the leading countries in the cultivation, production of raw materials and processing of giant bamboo products; successfully applied bamboo materials in the construction of houses and construction works, exporting materials to foreign countries.

ecobambu bamboo material
Prospects from giant bamboo varieties in Quang Ngai

Realizing that Quang Ngai is a locality with a lot of potential to develop giant bamboo varieties, Mr. Hai and young people in Quang Ngai share the same passion for starting a business, teamed up to establish Ecobambu Eco-Bamboo Joint Stock Company. Currently, this is the only unit in Vietnam, specializing in providing giant bamboo varieties for wood and bamboo for landscaping.

Bamboo has long been associated with life and culture in Vietnamese villages. In the face of unpredictable climate changes, bamboo is encouraged to be planted to prevent landslides and soil erosion, protect the environment, and improve and restore ecosystems. However, growing bamboo for economic development is still unfamiliar to many people. Changing people’s habits and awareness is considered the most difficult problem for Mr. Hai and young people on this new start-up journey.

That is also the reason for Ecobambu to pioneer trial planting of giant bamboo in Duc Pho town, to accompany directly so that people can see the adaptability of the seedling, learn and follow. In the coming time, the unit will continue to cooperate with people to green bare land and bare hills in mountainous districts of Minh Long, Tra Bong… When the bamboo growing area reaches about 2,000ha in 2025, Ecobambu intends to form become a raw material processing factory, exporting products to other places; at the same time, develop a versatile ecosystem from giant bamboo.

Supporting bamboo varieties for people: With the desire to support people in disadvantaged areas to access giant bamboo varieties, recently, EcoBambu Eco-Bamboo Joint Stock Company cooperated with Pham Gia Bonsai to organize an auction program Bonsai tree raised nearly 800 million VND. With this funding, EcoBambu will support giant bamboo varieties for the people of Long Mon commune (Minh Long). This is a locality that is assessed to have many potentials and advantages to develop giant bamboo in the near future.

“With our youth, passion and determination, we believe we will succeed, helping people have more livelihoods to develop the family economy, preserving the good traditional values ​​of life and culture. of the Vietnamese in the countryside, bringing new beauties to the mountains and forests of Quang Ngai. In the future, we also have the aspiration to develop eco-tourism from this model,” said Mr. Hai.

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