Bonsai auction to raise funds to sponsor bamboo seeds for Minh Long people

EcoBambu Bamboo Joint Stock Company together with Pham Gia Bonsai has just organized an auction of bonsai trees to raise funds to sponsor bamboo seeds for people in Minh Long district, Quang Ngai province. 07 bonsai trees were successfully auctioned with a total amount of nearly 800 million VND.

EcoBambu Bamboo Joint Stock Company is the first company in Vietnam to supply and develop products from giant bamboo. Including bamboo varieties for timber, imported landscape bamboo, aiming to grow, produce and export bamboo products such as pre-processed bamboo wood, finished products, bamboo charcoal, activated carbon. With the desire to support the mountainous people of Minh Long to develop a huge bamboo material area, EcoBambu cooperates with Pham Gia Bonsai to organize an auction of bonsai trees to raise funds.

The auction of bonsai trees to raise funds to sponsor bamboo seedlings for the people of Minh Long attracted the attention of many artisans from the Quang Ngai Provincial Association of Landscape Organisms, Binh Dinh Province and those who love bonsai and bonsai art. 07 bonsai trees were selected for auction with 07 different and unique poses.

Bonsai auction to raise funds to sponsor bamboo seeds for Minh Long people

The 30-year-old Sam Mountain is the first work to be auctioned with a starting price of 10 million VND. The tree has a fallen shape, a fan pot, is exploited from the mountains and forests and has been shaped as a bonsai over the years. The first peach tree, also known as the West, has a starting price of 25 million VND. The tree is more than 30 years old with a straight, withered hand. Fully express the ancient – period – fine elements in the art of bonsai, like a miniature old tree. Can Thang is over 30 years old with the shape of a boat, the starting price is 10 million VND. Tamarind tree over 30 years old with flying shape, starting price of 30 million VND. The artisans rate this work as balanced from the posture to the base, body and hands. Arranged in harmony, meeting the aesthetic, high art, especially a lot of fruit. The work Sung Dai Thu starts at 100 million VND. This 50-year-old fig tree has an animal shape and bears fruit all year round. Exploited from the mountains and forests, through the nurturing hands of many artisans, it becomes a very unique work. The work of the Great Tram Tram is a tree that is more than 60 years old with a starting price of 166 million VND, with an upright posture, at the beginning. Originally a seedling grown in a pot. The stem and branches of the brooch become rough and cracked. Through the hands of artisans, it has shown the wonder and beauty. The Great Me is the last work of the auction. This is the oldest tree, nearly 100 years old and has the highest starting price of 199 million VND. The great tamarind tree has a straight, withered hand, has been created for a long time. The stem of the tree represents old age and beauty.

The auction was animated by the attractiveness of the bonsai trees on display. The total amount collected from the auction was 797 million 800 thousand VND. Bonsai artists and hobbyists have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. The auction night is even more meaningful when the profits are used to raise funds to support the people of Minh Long district in growing bamboo and developing the economy. With its experience and potential, EcoBambu wishes to accompany the people of Quang Ngai in the upcoming journey. Expand cooperation and sustainability in unique products from bamboo.

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