Bamboo plywood

Bamboo plywood is a board produced by joining bamboo or bamboo fibers into panels. Under great pressure of the bamboo bamboo (or bamboo fiber) compressor will create links with each other to form a unified block. Bamboo slats (or bamboo fibers) when linked also change properties, giving a higher hardness than before.

Bamboo pressed sheets has become popular in Vietnam thanks to new production technology and especially the abundant source of domestic materials. Previously, laminated bamboo materials or bamboo products were mostly exported to countries such as Japan, the US and Europe, but in the last 2 years, products from composite bamboo panels are gradually becoming popular in Vietnam. Male.

Bamboo plywood is a kind of ecological material that is very friendly to people and the environment. This is a type of board that inherits the characteristics of bamboo species to help them have toughness, bearing capacity and extremely good wear-resistant surface. Besides, the way of joining bamboo spokes to form layers on top of each other helps the board not to shrink compared to conventional laminated wood. The hardness of bamboo plywood is very high, rated on the Janka scale from 1200 to 1600, higher than American red oak and white oak.

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In advanced countries, bamboo plywood is preferred by many people as furniture in homes and offices. They are also evaluated as a material that will replace wood in the future.

Furniture from bamboo plywood materials is being loved by the whole world and chosen as an alternative to natural wood or plastic products to bring green life and contribute to environmental protection in a way active.


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