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From the outstanding advantages of bamboo, EcoBambu with the desire to develop, invest heavily in bamboo towards the goal of building a factory for preliminary processing of bamboo, bamboo charcoal and production of finished bamboo products. EcoBambu with a clear orientation, towards the goal of a sustainable future, in order to ensure the supply for the factory, the first option proposed is to expand the bamboo growing area.

In 2022, EcoBambu has planted and is continuing to expand the bamboo growing area to at least 100 hectares with three imported giant bamboo varieties: Dedrocalamus Giganteus, Dedrocalamus asper “Hitung” and Guadua Angustifolia. At the same time, people are encouraged to switch from other crops such as acacia and eucalyptus to growing bamboo for timber, which brings high economic value.

In 2023, EcoBambu will focus strongly on training technical staff on bamboo, extracting seedlings, expanding seedling area, researching other giant bamboo varieties, and intensively on care techniques to ensure Bamboo has the best care.

In 2024, EcoBambu strives to continue to develop and expand the huge bamboo growing area to create a large-scale concentrated raw material area, apply sustainable farming methods, strict quality management, receive transfer transfer technology of post-harvest bamboo treatment from developed countries, train specialized personnel in bamboo treatment and processing, strive to ensure the supply of bamboo wood by 2025 so that the factory can operate.

In order to quickly expand the raw material area, EcoBambu currently has a tripartite cooperation program: Investor (Being an individual or an enterprise or an organization investing in the project) – Cooperative/Farmer/Forest Owner (As a landowner who wants to convert crops effectively) – And EcoBambu is a unit specializing in providing bamboo materials and output bags. Together create economic value chain from bamboo.

Gradually introduce bamboo to replace inefficient crops and adversely affect the environment. Bamboo investment cooperation is a one-time investment that brings sustainable revenue. EcoBambu with the criterion of selecting only quality bamboo varieties with a high survival rate with a team of technicians and engineers, taking care of each process from the moment the tree is planted to the time the bamboo shoots are harvested, harvested bamboo wood

EcoBambu will continue to have more support mechanisms, encourage people to participate in the cooperative model of growing bamboo and commit to offsetting output for the product, which is the “key” for EcoBambu to promote the development and expansion of the raw material area. Whether. Thereby, increasing income, improving people’s living standards, and speeding up the process of factory formation towards the goal of sustainable development, creating a bamboo value chain.

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