The development of giant bamboo varieties at EcoBambu raw material area on July 23, 2022

Currently, on July 23, 2022, the green color of giant bamboo is gradually covering the hills.

This is the bamboo forest that EcoBambu has sown in January 2022, up to now, just over 7 months with guaranteed seed quality combined with suitable climate and soil and right care techniques, bamboo grows extremely well, began to reach out to the sun on the mountainsides, hillsides and many bamboo trees gave the first shoots of bamboo shoots.

The future of giant bamboo trees will not be strange to many people because EcoBambu is continuing to sow over 100 hectares by the end of this year.

ecobambu giant bamboo

“Send” bamboo plants to the ground, hoping for favorable rain and wind so that bamboo can grow quickly so that EcoBambu will have more projects to expand the planting area, build a production plant, bring the business growing up, bringing more opportunities. opportunities for people in remote areas to have access to bamboo trees to stabilize their lives.

ecobambu giant bamboo


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