When Investors cooperate with EcoBambu, one of the first incentives is a safe and attractive fixed interest rate.

What is fixed interest rate?

Fixed interest rate is a form of interest commonly applied in the case of term investments. When choosing this form, you will be applied a specific interest rate specified in the contract during the investment period. During that time, the interest rate will not change regardless of any interest rate fluctuations in the market.

What is the fixed interest rate under the policy of cooperation and joint investment to expand the raw material area?

According to Notice No. 07/2022/TB-ECOBAMBU dated July 15, 2022, the monthly interest rate that investors enjoy will be fixed from the time of investment in EcoBambu and lasts until the end of the term. :

– With a 1-year investment term, the interest rate is 0.8% per month.

– With an investment term of 3 years, the interest rate is 0.9% per month.

– With an investment term of 5 years, the interest rate per month is 1.0%

– With 10-year investment term, interest rate is 1.2% per month

When to pay interest?

EcoBambu will complete the interest payment every 3 months.

Why are interest rates so low and when do investors get their payback?

Because it is a pure forestry company, the interest rate at EcoBambu will not be too high, but if investors go for a long distance of 5 years or more, EcoBambu commits that in addition to interest rates, investors will receive many “terrible incentives”. under the motto “Together investment, companionship, mutual benefit”

Specific examples:

Invest in EcoBambu 50 million for 5 years with interest rate of 1.0%/month after 5 years, the total interest rate of investors is 30 million VND along with 1000 internal profit sharing with EcoBambu. At the end of the investment term, the initial capital can be returned or converted to the company’s shares flexibly depending on the needs of investors.


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