Bamboo stick

Types of bamboo sticks at EcoBambu:

1. Fresh bamboo sticks

2. Bamboo sticks handle

Ways to handle bamboo sticks:

1. Soaking mud (traditional method)
2. Dry
3. Dip borax, wash and dry
4. Bamboo boiled, dried
5. Steamed bamboo, dried
6. Drying
7. Smoking

The use of bamboo sticks in construction works is an effective solution to ensure the stability of the work. Therefore, when modern materials appear in the construction industry, bamboo is still the preferred choice in some construction projects.

Bamboo sticks are natural stakes used for reinforcement on soils with high settlement or soil with high humidity and groundwater, including silt, clay, sandy loam soil, etc. This is the method used. long-term in the construction of houses, reinforcing riverbanks, bridges and roads. Among the traditional materials, bamboo sticks are the most suitable and economical.

EcoBambu is always available in a large number of bamboo sticks from the umbrella tree with a thickness of 1cm and basic lengths of 2m and 4m. EcoBambu’s umbrella is grown in the Central region of Quang Ngai, so the tree is strong, strong and relatively straight.

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