Bamboo tree – Environmental protection

Bamboo is a species of tree that is close, attached to the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. Bamboo not only brings economic benefits, but also makes a great contribution to environmental protection and ecological balance:

+ Bamboo absorbs a large amount of CO2: Bamboo absorbs 4 times more CO2 than conventional timber trees, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect and produce more oxygen than growing other trees.

+ Growing bamboo to protect the water environment: Because bamboo has a very high ability to absorb Nitrogen, bamboo helps to reduce runoff and reduce water pollution.

+ Growing bamboo to prevent landslides and soil erosion: With a very strong root system, firmly clinging to the soil and spreading over a large area of ​​land, bamboo helps to keep riverside soil from being eroded in floods. Especially when bamboo grows thick, it will form a barrier that reduces the intensity of the wind, reducing the destruction of storms.

+ Help strengthen the embankment and roads.

+ Increase local seafood production.

+ Helps to keep a significant amount of rainwater: the system of leaves and branches has a dome-shaped structure that can hold up to 25% of rainwater…


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